Die Hard

Welcome and thank you for visiting our entry for the Global Game Jam 2013.
The theme for this year was the sound of a heart beating… and this is our story…

“In the Dark Forest a corpse lies waiting… it looks like it has been running, but now lies lifeless on the cold damp forest floor… You look closer… it has something in its hand, it looks like … a heart? With a trembling hand you reach out and touch it… and unlife pumps through his veins once more…
Out of nowhere bats appear, screeching and picking at its heart, what else can you do but to help him “survive” for as long as possible?
As he holds out his heart in front of him, help him squeeze it to give him the strength to carry on and stay out of bat’s reach!”

Thanks for playing 🙂

GGJ 2013 Team Credits “Inglorious Bastards”:
Sebastiaan Dorgelo, Patrick Piechnick, artwork – TriMM.nl
Jaap Scholten, audio/composing – TriMM.nl
Josbert van de Zande, support – TriMM.nl
Marc Abbink, programming – GryphonInteractive.nl
Hans Wichman, programming – InnerDriveStudios.com

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